• ThumbO*NET’S Role in Regional Economic Development
      • ThumbWIBs Using O*NET for Gathering and Dispensing LMI
      • ThumbO*NET’S Role in Community Colleges
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      1. ThumbNail Experience a live demonstration of the features and uses of My Next Move, the new user-friendly electronic career exploration tool launched by the U.S. Department of Labor.

        Introducing My Next Move
      2. ThumbNail Dr. Janet Wall introduces attendees to the three O*NET Career Exploration Tools and demonstrates how each tools directs users to occupational information.

        有些国外网络进不了怎么办 我想进国外的网站可是进:2021-6-13 · 首先需要给电脑安装百度浏览器,直接在百度中搜索下载,也可以直接从小编所提供的网盘中获取最新版本的程序下载地址。接下来我们需要下载一款基于百度浏览器的插件——“Hosts文件配置工具”,利用该工具可以突破对访问国外网站的限制。
      3. ThumbNail Dr. Janet Wall provides background and information on O*NET Tools & Technology. She shows how O*NET OnLine, Career Voyages and Career InfoNet incorporate Tools & Technology. Lastly, she describes plans for Tools & Technology.

        Tools & Technology for In-Demand Occupations
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      1. 提升浏览国外网页速度 My Next Move is the user-friendly electronic career exploration tool that helps users identify potential career choices by keyword search, industry, or by taking the Interest Profiler Assessment.

        O*NET and My Next Move
      2. ThumbNail Course presents content about how to use O*NET to identify which occupations have the best outlook for people preparing for and searching for jobs.

        Using O*NET to Identify Bright Outlook Occupations
      3. ThumbNail Course presents content about the role of O*NET in America's CareerOneStop website, and shows how O*NET information forms the foundation for the rich and comprehensive material found on this site.

        直接访问国外网站的浏览器!怎样访问国外的网站? -系统盒 ...:2021-8-19 · 一般我们访问国外网站都需要通过一些繁琐的设置才能够访问,许多小白用户并不知道如何设置,导致一直以来无法访问外国网站。今天系统盒小编给大家分享一款能够直接访问外国外网站的浏览器给大家。 从网上搜索: 快搜极速浏览器 第一个就是官网,下载好
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      1. ThumbNail Management Professor Paul Schumann uses O*NET in many ways in the university classroom.

        Spotlight on O*NET Users: Dr. Paul Schumann
      2. 提升浏览国外网页速度 WIB Executive Jasen Jones uses O*NET data to attract employers and jobs to his WIRED region.

        Spotlight on O*NET Users: Jasen Jones
      3. ThumbNail Counselor John E. Rich uses O*NET to help students explore what they want to be in the world of work.

        Spotlight on O*NET Users: Dr. John E. Rich
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      "My use of O*NET has evolved over the years." explains Hope. "When I started my career, I used O*NET with individual customers. I first heard of O*NET in graduate school, when I was studying for my Masters in Rehabilitation Counseling. I did my internship at Goodwill Industries of Chicago. We used O*NET as a job analysis tool, helping people to develop career plans by assessing their knowledge, skills and abilities required for various occupations. It is a very useful tool in this application."

      Hope Clark, Director of Research & Market Development
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